Environmental Consulting - Management of Hazardous Materials

Enviro-Con Integrated Solutions, Ltd. (Enviro-Con) specializes in the safe and cost effective management of a wide range of airborne contaminants found in all types of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. Over the years, our team of professionals has handled hundreds of hazardous materials projects, ranging in scope from inspections, testing, planning and removal of asbestos, lead, mold and other toxic materials in single-family homes, hotels, multi-family projects, schools, commercial & industrial facilities, and governmental buildings. Phase I


Airborne contamination from asbestos, mold, lead, mercury and PCB among others, continue to be a significant environmental problem. Our experienced personnel will work with you and/or your representative to assess the type and level of contamination, perform a risk assessment and develop a comprehensive specific exposure control plan for your site. Phase I


Through safe, effective analysis and appropriate response, Enviro-Con ensures that the risk of human health due to environmental issues is eliminated.

With offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California, our list of clients include but is not limited to: contractors, developers, home-owners, property managers, real estate agents or brokers, attorneys and insurance adjusters.

Nelson Quezada, CAC, CEM, RPIH, Principal
  • Civil Engineer
  • Nevada Certified Environmental Manager. License No. 1807
  • Nevada Certified Asbestos Consultant. License No. IJPM-970
  • California Certified Asbestos Consultant. License No. 06-4058
  • California Certified Lead-Risk Assessor. License No. 11032
  • U.S. E.P.A. Certified Lead-Risk Assessor. License No. R-11243-4
  • Registered Professional Industrial Hygienist. Certification No. 10381112
  • Accredited EPA, CDPH, OSHA instructor



Testing and Inspections   

Phase I Assessments   

Phase II Assessments and Investigations

Asbestos, Lead, and Mold Abatement Planning and Design

Building inspections and hazardous assessments

PCB Assessments

Indoor Air Quality Investigations

IAQ/HVAC Systems Evaluation

Project Monitoring and Testing

Personnel Air Monitoring

Risk Assessments

OSHA Compliance